A Holistic Approach to Natural Childbirth With Joyful Birth

A newborn baby sleeps on a white bed resting its heads on its hands

Joyful Birth focuses on informing parents about their choices during pregnancy into parenthood. The workshops are created using evidence-based information designed to provide families with valuable education. The doula services are a holistic approach to natural childbirth. 

About Joyful Birth

Joyful Birth is women-owned and operated since 2005. Tara Rice is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Nutrition Coach, and experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula. She offers classes in Rochester and Canandaigua, NY. Her doula services cover the entire Finger Lakes area. Tara provides up-to-date educational information on her blog and social media. She believes everyone should have access to high-quality information as they prepare for childbirth and beyond. 

A newborn baby sleeps on its stomach under a beige blanket with a headband from Joyful Birth


With a variety of classes and doula services, expecting parents will find the support they need at Joyful Birth. There are a total of 10 classes over a 9-week period covering a variety of topics centered around childbirth. Class capacity is limited to allow for an intimate setting for questions and conversations. If you are interested in a private class setting, inquire online for individual sessions. The doula services offered are tailored to each family with a focus on safeguarding the health of both mother and baby.

During labor, Tara provides families with emotional, physical, and educational information to make informed decisions at the time of delivery. At Joyful Birth, classes and doula services are based on relaxation techniques and a non-medication-based approach to childbearing. This doesn’t mean that mothers may not need medication or intervention during childbirth. Tara creates a non-judgmental space to allow parents to make the best healthcare decisions for their family. After birth, postpartum doula services assist families transition to life at home with a newborn. This support can be through breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, preparing meals, light housework, and more. Visit her website for more information about doula packages. Then she can assist you with choosing the best option for you. 

A newborn baby sleeps on its cheek in a studio with help from Joyful Birth


In addition to classes and doula services, Joyful Birth offers Belly Casting. Choose from belly-only or full-torso casting. Create the plaster cast within the privacy of your own home. Then, the cast can be left for you to paint as you wish, or Tara can take it and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Keep a lasting memory of your pregnancy in a piece of unique artwork. Joyful Birth keeps a current reading list of books used during classes and recommended reading for parents. 

A newborn baby rests its head on its hands while wearing a beige bow headband

Joyful Birth

Find the support your family needs before, during, and after childbirth at Joyful Birth. From birth to postpartum, Tara is there to provide you with education and guidance. Above all, she ensures all information remains family-centered and individualized to each baby’s birth. 

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