Everything You Need to Know About Beautiful Birth Choices

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Beautiful Birth Choices offers full-circle support for families from childbirth into parenthood. As a parent, you don’t have to venture through pregnancy and birth alone. The variety of support offerings at the center is unique and robust. Grow with the providers and community at Beautiful Birth Choices through their classes and groups. 

About Beautiful Birth Choices

Beautiful Birth Choices is an all-women-owned and operated facility in Rochester, NY. The center aims to educate and empower families to make informed choices before, during, and after pregnancy. Christy Muscato and Julia Sittig founded the facility in 2009 to support families through their roles as doulas and childbirth educators. 

Alison Spath is a co-owner of the center and facilitates classes and support groups for families. The team supports families as they grow into parenthood and beyond. They empower families through education to make informed healthcare decisions. Join one of their classes to build your confidence and friendships within the community. 

A mom and dad play and laugh with their toddler daughter in a window while mom holds a sleeping newborn baby


Beautiful Birth Choices offers experienced providers through their doula services, educational workshops, and yoga classes. There are a variety of bundles for doula services to match your family’s birthing plans. Doulas support families through natural and holistic approaches to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. 

Their yoga classes include prenatal, postpartum, and motherhood experiences for all levels of yoga experience. Pre-purchase your yoga classes online or just get them in person before your class. All yoga class schedules are easily located on their website or through their social media outlets. The center hosts a variety of educational classes for expecting parents and beyond. Childbirth education, breastfeeding, and postpartum information are just a few areas of information.

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Furthermore, Beautiful Birth Choices believes that education and preparation for childbirth should be accessible to everyone. They provide a scholarship program for low-income families or parents needing additional financial support. Many parents find continued support through the community group events offered at Beautiful Birth Choices. 

The center also hosts weekly get-togethers, including their Breastfeeding Café, Life With Baby, and Cesarean and VBAC Support Groups. Are you looking for a special gift for an expecting family? Visit the BBC’s boutique shop of great gift goodies. The online shop has clothing, toys, breastfeeding, amber jewelry, and teething items for families. The shop also has magnets, pins, and stickers to show your support for breastfeeding and childbirth. 

A mom kisses her toddler daughter being held by dad while she holds a sleeping newborn baby

Beautiful Birth Choices

Grow your family’s awareness and confidence through the many offers at Beautiful Birth Choices. All families will receive expert advice and support through their yoga classes, childbirth workshops, doula services, and support groups. 

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