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I’m a mommy to my little Rowyn, a big sister and an aunt. I’m a lover of coffee, the moon, my pups and I’m obsessed with my family. I love music and I firmly believe the key to ones heart is hidden in a playlist. I’m an all around goofball, a nerd, a lover, and an absolute sap. I love fresh baby toes and cowlicks, milk bubbly lips and little coos. I am in love with my job and every baby that comes into my studio.

Thank you so much for considering me to document such a special time in your family’s life. Those chubby thighs and bellies are so fleeting. I want to capture every detail for you so you never forget.

Your fun photographer bestie!

I'm trish :)

A snapshot into my life

Photography by: Kristen Koppers, Gabriella Hunt, Jordan Lexus and me

We live a simple life. Our weekends are filled with sweatpants and our favorite sweaters. Lukewarm coffees in our weathered mugs, the faint sound of bare feet running through the hall. Snuggles and movie mornings. Fall and winter, Sundays are for The Bills! In the summer time, you can find us at the local outdoor market grabbing fresh pastries, swimming at Grimes Glen or making our way to Lynnie Lou's for yummy homemade ice cream-our favorite! 


My Favorite Things


You deserve to document your family's legacy. To have your story told in the most beautiful way. 

You Deserve the best