Find Nurturing and Passionate Care From URMC Midwives

A mother to be sits on the floor in front of her husband on a couch in a studio wearing a green lace maternity gown after meeting with URMC Midwives

University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Midwives have built a foundation on safeguarding women and baby’s health through pregnancy and birth. Their large team of midwives provides passionate and nurturing care to all patients they serve. 

About URMC Midwives

URMC has provided midwifery services to the community since 1975. In 1992, the hospital created the specialty Midwifery Group due to the growing number of patients requesting midwives at URMC. The hospital has become one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers through education and research. 

A mom to be in a green lace maternity gown sits in a wicker chair with hands on her bump while looking down her shoulder with help from URMC Midwives


The large team of 15 midwives at URMC provides comprehensive healthcare for women throughout their lifespans. Many people think midwives are just for care during pregnancy through birth. Still, they offer comprehensive care for well-women health care throughout their life. 

Prospective families are welcome to view a virtual tour of the center online while researching local birthing locations. The hospital recommends patients register about three months prior to their due date and take an in-person tour of the facility. Many insurance companies cover midwives as your primary provider, while others require a referral for care. Inquire with your insurance company for more information. 

For holistic pain management, the hospital has jacuzzi tubs for soaking and relaxing. Unfortunately, no hospitals in Rochester offer water births. URMC offers newborn, childcare, and breastfeeding classes in person and virtually for expecting families. Breastfeeding support is available after birth through the midwives and lactation consultants at the hospital. 

Heather Lane

One amazing midwife I want to introduce you to is Heather Lane. Her family-centered foundation of care creates a caring and compassionate approach to welcoming your baby into the world. She supports families through education, empowering them with the confidence to advocate for themselves. Heather is a one-of-a-kind person and an asset to URMC Midwives. 

A mom to be leans back in a chair by a window while wearing a lace green maternity gown


Midwives are certified providers who can educate you about your choices and help you to make decisions with your birthing plan. They believe births are unique to each mother and child. Each family should have the education and information to decide what is best for their baby with the midwife’s support to safeguard both mother and child. 

Patients can access the Strong Memorial Hospital’s Strong Beginnings Program through the Midwifery Group. The URMC midwives partner with specialists in Maternal-Fetal Medicine for any high-risk pregnancies that may need to be referred for additional medical care. The specialists co-manage your care with your primary care manager to provide continuous care.

URMC Midwives

Approximately 75-80% of babies are born into the hands of midwives! The URMC Midwives are there to support families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through shared decision-making. 

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