Rochester Toy Stores for Exemplary Shopping Experiences

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A great toy store knows that its success isn’t solely measured by the number of toys on its shelves; success is the number of smiles brought to the faces of customers, young and old, and the memories made that begin with a product from its store. Whether you’re a parent or simply on the hunt for the perfect toy for a little one, knowing where to find a great toy store can be the difference between a headache of a shopping experience and one full of joy. These Rochester toy stores know how to care for customers and provide an exemplary shopping experience. If you haven’t visited them, read more about them here!

3 Rochester Toy Stores With Incredible Inventories Ready to Wow Your Children

Hobby House Toys

Hobby House Toys is a locally-owned and family-run toy store serving the Rochester area for over 20 years! They have worked hard to create an environment of fun and play you’ll enjoy from the moment you walk in through the doors. They pride themselves on helping every customer find the perfect toy or game, and their team of fantastic toy experts will make sure you leave with something special. 

In fact, they dedicate themselves to their customers so much that they even offer free personal delivery on local orders over $25! From building blocks and LEGO sets to books, crafts, and dolls, Hobby House Toys has something for kids of all ages (and even kids at heart).

A newborn baby sleeps on its belly on a cushion Rochester Toy Stores


Located inside The Mall at Greece Ridge, Toyzland is one store that everyone in the family can agree to visit! Their store is every kid’s dream: shelves of colorful toy cars, adorable stuffed animals, and toy sets line the shop, perfect for inducing wide-eyed wonder as soon as you enter. 

Their mission is to find the best toys on the market and carry them so your kids can access the most reputable brands, hidden treasures, and unique collectibles. Your little ones will stare in awe the stacks of toys towering on the showroom floor, and there’s plenty of space for them to try out a new toy to see if it’s the right fit for them.

Dan’s Crafts and Things

Dan’s Crafts & Things is a spacious store that started way back in 1974 to supply local hobbyists and crafters with the supplies needed to work on their projects. Now, almost 50 years later, it is still a family-owned and operated business that proudly serves the children and grandchildren of some of its original customers! 

While they still carry plenty of supplies for hobbyists and crafters, their toy selection will delight any child. They have dolls, dollhouses, stuffed animals, science kits, musical toys, and more. You never know what hobby you may pick up when you visit Dan’s, so be sure to shop with an open mind! 

Rochester Toy Stores

When you shop at any of these Rochester toy stores, you support a family-run business committed to serving our wonderful community. Round up your little ones (or leave them at home so you can shop in peace and quiet!) and head to one soon!

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