Healthy Baby Network Brings Equal Access to Care for Women

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Healthy Baby Network dedicated itself to supporting families in the community of Rochester, NY. They are founded on the goal that all babies should be welcomed through love, nurturing, and positivity. This begins with women having equal access to education and care during pregnancy. 

About Healthy Baby Network

Healthy Baby Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to help every parent in the community welcome a healthy baby into the world. Since 1996, their goal has been to help the most vulnerable members of their community. They believe babies born into healthy, nurturing, and loving environments will become successful members of their community in the future. The center creates individualized plans and education for each mother, as each birth is unique. 

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Healthy Baby Network provides resources and support to mothers and families in the community, with the idea that every person has the right to make informed decisions in regards to their reproductive rights and childbirth choices. They strive to create safe and healthy community environments that allow parents to raise their children. The staff at the center are health planners and use data to better support the needs of the community. Families have access to a variety of support services, including legal, financial, and mental health counseling. Taking care of yourself as a parent will lead to becoming a better parent for your children. If you have questions about the resources available to you, inquire online. You can learn more about their programs and what resources you may be offered through their site. 

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There are a variety of unique and specific vulnerable groups that Healthy Baby Network works to support in the community. They offer a Fatherhood Program that uniquely guides inner-city black men in their journey into and through fatherhood. Workshops include many challenges faced by fathers and resources to empower them. The program also includes access to legal advice, financial assistance, counseling, and other support services a father may need.

Healthy Baby Network also has a Reentry Program to guide those members of society who were incarcerated as they transition back into the community. The key components of the program include mental health and substance abuse education and guidance. Sign up for their monthly newsletter to keep up to date on all of their community events. They also offer monthly groups and special events supporting families. You can also follow them on their social media outlets for up-to-date information about their programs and events. 

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Healthy Baby Network

Families in Rochester, NY, can trust the support and guidance they will receive through the Healthy Baby Network. Their team of providers focus on improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of their community. The workshops and groups families find at the center will develop a healthier and safer environment to raise their children. 

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