Just shy of her 16th birthday, my mother gave birth to me. 1986 was the year. Far from the internet, far from a cell phone and even farther from a smart phone with a 12 megapixel camera you can whip out at a moments notice. There are very few photos of us together when I was a baby. Forget about any kind of professional photo of us together. This custom photography experience didn’t exist 32 years ago. Cameras were few and far between and we only broke it out for special occasions. I found two “Ok” photographs of us together with me as a baby. Two. The others are dim, out of focus or you can hardly tell it’s us. I will treasure these photographs of us forever. I am thankful for them. But oh how I wish there were better quality photographs of us. Photos of us laughing and playing. Snuggling. Being.

It is so important to be in photos with your children and babies. This is your legacy. When you leave this world this is what you will leave behind. This is how your children will remember you and pass your memory down to their children. Your children will not remember how much weight you carried but how comfortable you were to snuggle with. Your children will not care about your hair being a mess but how beautiful you look in the perfect light. Your children do not care that you are wearing yesterdays makeup and pajamas but how much fun they had blowing bubbles and building that fort together. It is their birthright to be in photographs with you.

In todays technological world, there is literally no excuse for not getting in photos with your babies/toddlers/children/teens/adult children. TAKE THE DAMN PHOTO!

The importance of a photograph holds near and dear to my heart. In 2012, my brother unexpectedly passed. It was the most devastating thing to ever happen to my family. It broke us. Shattered us. I scoured every disc I had, every usb, every hard drive and every box I knew in existence just searching for one more photograph of him. One more image that maybe I didn’t know I had or that I had forgotten about. I found a couple and I was so glad. Unfortunately, no amount of photos could ever be enough.

I always tell my clients that are teetering on the edge of doing or not doing parent shots, doing or not doing a milestone session, that they will NEVER regret having these images. Even if they don’t print the family images, even if they only look at it once. At least its there. At least is exists.

Exist in your photographs.