Johanna came to see me back in October. I absolutely love Newborn Photography, but that month is such a blur for me. I’m sure it’s a blur for all my photographer friends. But she was so pretty and so very sleepy for us. Her session was one of my favorites!

January is usually my quiet month. My month to get organized for taxes, catchup on boring office work and stuff that my right brain HATES. I am grateful for the quietness this time of year because I truly am terrible at the business side of photography. I wish I could just do the shooting and editing! I am the receptionist, the marketing director, the accountant, the shooter, editor, the everything! It’s a lot for one person’s plate so getting caught up is nice. A friend of mine sent me a meme that said: “If you see me talking to myself, I’m having a staff meeting.” LOL! So true.