Mom holding sleeping baby with her eyes closed

On April 6, 2019, my husband and I welcomed our first born child, William Joseph, “Joey” into the world!  Being Joey’s Mom has been the best and scariest moments of my life.  It is crazy how quickly your life changes when a baby is born.  My husband and I went from going out to dinners, enjoying the night life of the city, spontaneously going out with friends or having game nights in, to conversations around nursing, the baby going to the bathroom, how to pump, tummy time and all things baby related!  Google has become our best friend!! Gone are the spontaneous days of just picking up and going at a minutes notice, but we gladly welcome this change! 

Also, gone are the days of “easy”. My sister and my mother were both faced with fertility issues and I thought I would encounter the same, however, I was blessed with having an easy time getting pregnant, having an easy and healthy pregnancy, and even an easy natural birth without any pain medications!  I have felt that God blessed me with becoming a mother since everything came so naturally.  The day after Joey was born was when the “easy” lifestyle stopped.  Now my husband and I are welcomed with questions, worries, scares and concerns surrounding our beautiful baby.  We both are discovering this new life together and it is the most exciting and scariest ride we have been on yet!  Our biggest fears are that Joey will encounter health issues or moments in life that we cannot fix for him.  So many people in our lives have given us advice and support, but no one prepared us for how stressful it is being new parents-we constantly worry about his health and wellbeing!  With that being said, we also have never smiled, laughed, cried and felt so much joy and love before, ever in our lives!  I have found a new discovered love for my husband on a deeper level than before.  Watching him become a father, Daddy to our Joey, has been one of my favorite moments in our life together. 

We are excited to be on this journey of parenthood and watch our beautiful baby grow to be healthy and strong.  We welcome this new adventure, even though it is scary at times, it is also the most rewarding experience ever.  I feel that I am completely fulfilled being Joey’s Mommy.  I never knew I could love someone so much and that someone so tiny could consume every moment of my life. It is truly the best blessing ever. 

I am thankful for Trish with Lulu Belle Photography!  She has captured our love and joy for our baby boy through her artistic vision.  Our newborn session highlighted Joey’s cuteness, the softness of his skin, the fullness in his lips, how cuddly he is and all the love we feel for him!! Her photos are truly a piece of art that we will cherish them forever.  Thank you for helping to welcome us into parenthood with these special photographs! We cannot wait to continue to work with you as Joey grows!