Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?

For family photos, I have put together a Pinterest board with some color pallets and style guides. Gone are the days of everyone wearing white shirts and jeans/khakis. You’ll want to make sure that you are all wearing coordinating colors, but not the SAME color. Think soft pinks, tans and light blues. Creams, tans and blues, etc. Have a look at the what to wear board as well as the what NOT to wear board! I also suggest to stay away from anything too bright, like bright pink, neon colors, etc. Those colors tend to create a color cast on your face that is impossible to remove. Logos and character tees are also a no-no. Keep the patterns to 1-2 people MAX. Any more than this and it will only cause distraction in your portraits. Layers and textures are definitely your friends when it comes to family portraits!



For your babys milestone session (baby only) keep it simple. 1-2 outfits are fine enough. Pick outfits that speak to you. Outfits you would keep for them as a keepsake. Plain, simple dresses for girls, striped joggers for baby boys. Even a plain onesie is so classic and timeless! I also have a few outfits on hand at my studio you can choose from. I always suggest a few nude shots too to show off those chunky thighs and milk bellies! No private parts are ever photographed, though you may see a little bum  AliExpress has some VERY cute baby clothes. Just be aware that it all ships from China so it make take a while to get to you! For newborns, this information will be in your prep guide


Do you travel?

For newborn sessions, the only option is my studio. I provide a very safe, warm and calming experience for you and your growing family. Because I do posed newborn photography, I need many things to make this happen. It is not possible for me to travel for these sessions. For milestone sessions, if your baby is sitting unassisted and the weather is cooperative, we can take your session outdoors to my favorite little field. If the weather is inclement, we can take the session to my studio or we can simply reschedule. Outdoor sessions take place an hour before sunset to give us optimum light. 

Are you trained in newborn safety?

Your babys safety takes precedence before anything else in your session. I am very well trained in safety as well as posing. I have taken numerous classes and workshops to perfect my craft in all aspects including safety. I am always continuing my education and learning the latest tips and techniques to keep your little one safe. I never force a baby to do anything. I gently encourage poses but if I feel like your baby isn’t up for a particular pose, I will move on.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep/baby doesn’t cooperate?

If your newborn doesn’t sleep–This does happen and guess what? ITS OK! Your baby is the boss of the session and we will follow their cues and needs. If your baby wants to have a stare down for 2 hours, the results will still be stunning and you will love these images.

I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve for getting little ones to cooperate. It’s a very rare case that we have to reschedule but it does happen. In the case that I am truly unable to get anything from your session, we will reschedule. This is at no cost to you. Please keep in mind that I am quick with the shutter and often times, I’m capturing images in split seconds that you’re not seeing, resulting in stunning imagery. An image doesn’t require a smile to be stunning!

When should I book my newborn/maternity session?

Most clients typically book their newborn session in their 2nd trimester. Some as soon as they find out they’re expecting! Everyone is different. I encourage mommas to book in their 2nd trimester to ensure that I have availability for them. 90% of the time we don’t know when baby will be born so I book your due date and wait to hear from you. If your baby has already made their big debut, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I may have a last minute spot for you and I would love to accommodate you!

You should book your maternity session as soon as you’re able to! You’ll want to be photographed around 7-8 months. I try to get mamas in before the 9 month mark because you’ll be more tired and uncomfortable.